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Final Finish Testing Equipment
Uniformity Testing
The X100-18 tests the widest range of tires in the industry.
With 14 upgrades, the latest CX111 is a machine that measures larger
tires with more accuracy, is much faster, ad has greater durability.
The X150, our newest offering, combines the proven design of our smaller machines with increased capacities necessary for testing truck and bus tires.
The Poling Group offers high speed uniformity machines for the Final Finish area.
Runout Testing
The TRM-92 is the perfect choice for uniformity testing that does not require a loadwheel.
The AG-2540 provides total indicated runout (TIR) readings for agricultural tires that travel in excess of 50 MPH. 
Sidewall Testing & Grinding

Designed to improve sidewall defect detection and reduce false rejects, the TSIS achieves both goals. It has reasonable deployment cost and it does not add any machine cycle time.

Interested in increasing productivity and reducing downtime?
The Model 1342 Sidewall Grinder satisfies both requirements.
And like all Poling Group products, it's built to last!
Install the Model 1335 Sidewall Painter on the exit of our Sidewall Grinder, on a tire conveyor, or as a standalone machine with its own conveyor section.