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Poling Group White Papers
PGM Whitepaper
Waveform Validation and Correction
In 2009 CTI decided to develop a smarter way to begin measurement acquisition for a uniformity test, rather than just waiting a fixed amount of time for tire stabilization. Less than three years later we surpassed that goal and produced Waveform Validation and Correction (WVC) – an entirely new and proprietary way of collecting, evaluating and processing tire uniformity measurement information.
by Ronald Symens, President of CTI, a Poling Group company
PGM Whitepaper
Finding the Right Balance: Capability, Capacity, and Durability
This white paper discusses how these variables affect the value of a tire test machine, and how tire manufacturers evaluate them differently when considering the purchase of a machine to test their own unique products.
by Ronald Symens, President of CTI, a Poling Group company
PGM Whitepaper
PGM - Profile Generating Machine
A fully automated Profile Generating Machine has been developed to provide accurate correction of radial run-out, radial force, and conicity.
by Brian Mitchell, Akron Special Machinery
TDAQ Whitepaper
TDAQ - New Life for Old Test Machines
Tight capital budgets in the tire industry are forcing equipment buyers to look carefully at retrofitting as an effective alternative to new equipment purchases.
by Byron Stanoszek, Commercial Timesharing, Inc.
Product Brochures and Updates
TTOC6 Whitepaper
TTOC6 - Tire Testing & Optimization Controller
CTI has redesigned the TTOC6 for the way that you do business.
by Troy Anenson, Commercial Timesharing, Inc.
FFH Whitepaper
FFH - Final Finish Host
When you need a standalone or network solution to meet your QA reporting goals.
by John McCarthy, Commercial Timesharing, Inc.