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Loadwheel Carriage Retrofit Motors and Drives
Is it time to replace your DC drive system?
DC Loadwheel carriage drives have these inherent deficiencies:
Full speed advance and retract is relatively slow.
A large velocity command is required to overcome carriage friction and move the carriage from a stopped state.
The motor brake is a major source of problems because it must resist back drive forces of the loaded tire when engaged and then fully release to allow the carriage to move.

Making a small jog movement is difficult due to 
1) delay encountered when releasing the brake
2) large velocity setpoint required to "start" motion. This is especially noticeable when trying to make a small load change with a Dynamic Calibrator.
When the load tolerance is small, an unload/reload cycle is often the only option if the load is not achieved on the initial move.

METHOD 1: Patent 6578275 | METHOD 2: Patent Pending
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