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Tire Testing Machine Options / Upgrades
Other Tire Testing Options / Upgrades
TTOC6's improved capability, simplified maintenance, and easy to use graphic-based UI makes it the smartest and most robust controller available.
The Poling Group is pleased to announce the Tire Automatic Inflation Regulator (TAIR) system. We designed this new air regulation system to be the perfect complement to our proprietary and recently released WVC (Waveform Validation and Correction) method of tire testing. 
We offer calibration equipment for all tire uniformity machine models (specify model when ordering).
The exit drop conveyor is a welded frame, powered roller conveyor used to exit the tire from the machine. 
The conveyor can be manually lowered to allow easy access to the machine spindle for rim change and maintenance.
Available for all machine models, the cleaner attaches to the loadwheel carriage assembly and periodically cleans the grit surface of the wheel with a rotating brush.
The Poling Group frictionless loadwheel carriage system provides a precise, smooth, frictionless means of moving the loadwheel during the testing cycle on tire uniformity machines.
Is it time to replace your DC drive system?