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With dozens of Testing Machine Options / Upgrades, and 30+ patents, the Poling Group can help you improve any aspect of the tire testing process.

Tooling Geometry Testing Systems Tire Positioning
Runout Transport
Low-Cost RRO
RRO Probe Replacement
Drive Roll Bead Lube (Automated Mixed Mode Luber)
Auto-Adjust Width Chuck
Timing Belt Center Conveyor
Retractable Stripping Wheel
Retro-Fit Stripping Wheel
Anti-mischucking System
Multi-level Sorting Conveyor 
Grinding Marking Other
Auto-position shoulder
Dual Inline Shoulder
Auto-position Center
Grind Dust Removal System
Marker Exit Station
Hot Stamp Marker
TDAQ - Tire Data Acquisition
TTOC6 Controller
TAIR - Tire Automatic Inflation Regulator
Exit Drop Conveyor
Loadwheel Cleaner
Frictionless Carriage
Loadwheel Motor/Drives