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Smarter. Faster. Stronger.

Advances like Waveform Validation and Correction and
30+ other patented ideas make our machines the most
accurate in the industry.

Test thousands and thousands of tires per day with
Poling Group's CX111 and Final Finish Host providing
1-direction tire testing assistance.


Rolling Resistance Tester
ISO: 28580 Rolling Resistance Standard

This machine uses the torque method to measure
rolling resistance, under controlled laboratory
conditions, for new passenger / light truck
pneumatic tires.

It correlates measurement
results to inter- laboratory


NG 1270
Slab Cutter / Feeder

The cut pieces are dropped onto a weigh
conveyor for precise measurement. As the
cut pieces reach the targeted weight the
conveyor slows down allowing the pieces
to get smaller until the targeted weight is
reached. This reduces labor costs and
provides for more accurate weighing.


Another Poling Group Difference:
Our corporate culture - built around flexible design, factory integration, and real-time support - provides solutions that fit the way you do business.
email : Sales@PolingGroup.com
phone : 330-753-1077
fax : 330-753-7308
Need a spare part? Now you can upload a picture with your request. Poling Group value and superior service extend to spare parts, too!
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