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Tread Label Applicator (TLA)
About TLA
Designed to create, manage, print, and apply tread labels, this system alleviates the following problems:
Meeting new EU tire labeling mandate
Traditional method is labor intensive and time consuming
Government mandated label information complicated
by vendor information requirements
Volume of purchased labels is very expensive
The applicator consists of a web-based application for dynamic label design (using a template), a high quality ink jet printer, and a specially designed machine to automatically apply the correct label to each tire of a palletized stack.
Just-in-time printing of labels automatically applied
to the tire.
No minimum order quantities, costly printing setup
or changeover costs
Centralized software eliminates the cost of supporting distributed applications
We can interface the TLA with your plant bar code
identification system to automatically select the correct label for each tire. If you don't have a bar
code system we have a solution for that too.
Tread Label Applicator Specs
Integration to upper level computers allows the machine to accept labels from a “Print on Demand” (POD) labeling system. In addition the machine is capable of receiving print requests from the Level 1 computer (Tire and # of labels to print) prior to the actual positioning of stacks to be labeled. This allows the machine to have the labels printed and/or queued up prior to their need which contributes to the throughput of the machine.
The labels are verified for correctness by reading a bar code on the POD label
The label pick up head has sensors to determine if a label was peeled and applied to the tire correctly.
Initial labels or blank labels which are ejected in order to fill the label loop are peeled and dumped so the machine can continue to run uninterrupted.
The machine can adjust its operation to overcome many of the normal problems with label rolls such as missing labels, stuck together labels, blank labels etc.
The machine interfaces with the up stream and down stream conveyor controls to synchronize its labeling with the normal flow of tires.
The machine has a maximum label rate (100 percent operational time) of 10,100 tires per day.
Tread Label Applicator User Interface
The user interface is a touch screen with a graphic display that shows labeling progress per stack, and also contains a Machine Statistics Page.
User interface displays all alarm messages on screen to help the operator determine what to do in case of a pause condition or machine fault condition.
Log files record all errors, alarms, pauses, chat messages and movements, for easier troubleshooting of problems when they arise.
Integrated instant messages (chat) on the machine’s user interface provides a facility for remote assistance by a CTI support engineer.
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